Klíčem k úspěšnému hubnutí je psychika, pohyb a strava.

Monika Rychlovská Tělupilová online nutrition counsellor, trainer and coach

Are you ready to take your health to the next level? I’ll show you how to look after your health and get the body and lifestyle you have always dreamt about!

How can I help you?

I can help you transform your life in the following ways.

Monika Rychlovská Tělupilová obklopená zdravým jídlem.


We can focus on losing weight, your diet before conception, during pregnancy, nutrition for new mothers, lactation counselling, baby nutrition and a gluten-free diet.

Tělupilka vás naučí, jak správně cvičit doma.


Are you too embarrassed to go to the gym or do you find it difficult to fit exercise into your schedule? I’ll help you start exercising in the right way anytime, anywhere.

Monika Tělupilová je nutriční terapeut a osobní kouč.

Life coaching

Do you struggle to reach your life goals? Do you lose motivation easily? Are you unhappy with your body, life or relationship? This is where life coaching can help you.

Mgr. Monika Rychlovská Tělupilová, DiS.

A nutrition counsellor with 10 years  experience working in the area of nutrition and a qualified nutrition therapist. Monika has set up two counselling centres – one in Šumperk in 2010 and one in Brno in 2012. Since then they have been visited by several thousand clients. Every day people are helped to make  their diet healthier and  to lose or gain weight. In 2017 she was a member of the jury and the nutrition team that looked after the finalists of the  Czech MISS beauty pageant. You can read about her successful clients in  Tina magazine. She has been a guest on the TV shows Sama doma and Dobré ráno on CT (Czech Television). Her articles are regularly featured in the Brno daily newspaper Rovnost and she  is often quoted in internet articles in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. She is also a nutritional guarantor of the national project Pestrá strava – CEFF  in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Monika Tělupilová je nutriční terapeut a osobní kouč.

What Tina magazine wrote about my clients‘ results.

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