Monika Rychlovská Tělupilová

How I progressed from a student with the desire to help people and change their lives for the better to a successful entrepreneur, nutrition specialist, trainer and a life and relationship coach for Mars and Venus.

Monika Rychlovská Tělupilová vám řekne o sobě.

This long story started in 2009 when, while still a university student,  I decided to get my business licence and start my business career. The only thing I knew at that time was that I wanted to run a business, although I didn’t know what exactly what I would do. That’s how my long journey of schools, training courses and seminars began. When I look back it’s hard to understand how I could have managed all that.

I have always been interested in a healthy lifestyle and nutrition as I’ve been concerned about my appearance, weight and also frequent  health issues including indigestion problems since my childhood. And because I have been to hell and back looking for help  with my problems and nothing worked, I decided to work it out on my own. So I took courses in nutrition, Chinese medicine, massages, Chinese massages, acupuncture and personal growth. Then I enrolled in a distance nutritional therapy course  at a college to differentiate myself from other nutritional counsellors who only completed a basic retraining course. However, I really value the knowledge I gained during my  retraining course in nutrition because I chose the one organized by the Mahra company and it was of the highest possible standard  and its scope was comparable with a nutritional therapy course at university.  

So not all courses are the same.  I also completed a course for fitness trainers at Tonus, which produces excellent trainers with deep knowledge of healthy forms of exercise rather than just building biceps as fast as possible.Last but not least I completed an international coaching course led by Rich Bernstein which was focused on gender intelligence and is based on the findings of John Gray, a world-famous author of the book Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus. As you can see I have invested a lot of time and money into my  education over the years. 

The clients I have worked with during my whole career could see how eager I was to motivate and support them in reaching their goals. It hasn't always been easy for either side and we have had to overcome obstacles, solve problems and deal with difficulties. If they, however, really listened to me and followed my advice, by adopting small changes they started to see wonderful and rewarding results. Seeing the happy, content and self-confident people they had become, was my greatest reward.

I often like to remember the time when in 2014 I managed to be one of the TOP 10 finalists in the “Entrepreneur of the Year” competition in the Olomouc region. I believe that in a few years  I will  get enough courage to enter this or a similar competition again.

For several years of my career I was the nutrition guarantor of the national project Pestrá strava (Varied diet)  – CEFF  in the Czech Republic and Slovakia which focuses on quality eating without unnecessary chemical ingredients.  Thanks to  collaborating on the Czech Miss 2017 project, I had the opportunity to get a peek into the world of show business. I was a member of the nutrition team which advised and  looked after the finalists and  also a jury member starting with the casting rounds and until the final itself, where I sat next to some famous people.  It was indeed a very interesting experience.

The year 2019 represented another milestone in my life because I became the mother of an amazing baby girl. Soon after that I also got a great job offer - to become the nutritional guarantor and the face of KetoMix diets. At first I was not sure whether to accept this offer. At the same time I felt it was an opportunity one couldn’t turn down and I accepted the offer. So 2019 totally transformed not only my career but also my personal life.  Since 2020 I have been trying to combine my professional and family life. I have  expanded my nutritional counselling by using the  ketogenic diet so that I can help a wider group of clients. I definitely don’t consider this type of diet  a deflection from my philosophy of teaching people to eat well using easily accessible ingredients because this diet is only a short term solution - a kind of shortcut, at the end of which people need to learn to eat properly and in a nutritionally balanced way.

Besides my work for KetoMix and looking after my daughter, I am also building my online counselling service which follows up on my ten years experience in personal coaching of clients. I regard this new way of counselling as necessary in this period affected by covid-19, because these circumstances are not very conducive to  meeting clients face to face. Thanks to the online environment I am moreover able to pass on much more information and help more people than I could in person. I believe that thanks to this new way of working online I will stay in close touch with you and we will be able to work together to change your lifestyle - just slightly differently - with the help of modern technology.

Why am I able to help  you?

  • More than 10 years of experience working with dozens of clients every day.
  • Several thousand people losing weight have used my counselling services.
  • Hundreds of lost kilograms.
  • Results sustainable long term.
  • Eating plan that is easy to keep.
  • Easy and quick meal preparation.
  • No starving.


Education and courses on nutrition

Nutrition counsellor and sports nutritionist (MAHRA,spol. s.r.o., 2011)
Child nutrition (MAHRA, spol. s.r.o., 2011)
Meeting of STOB lecturers -seminar on physical activity and child obesity (20.10.2012)
Training in cognitive behavioral therapy for obesity (STOB – Stop obesity with Ivana Málková, 9-11.11.2012)
STOB seminar – Stop obesity with Ivana Málková (9. 2. 2013)
STOB seminar – Stop obesity with Ivana Málková (13. 4. 2013)
Certified nutrition therapist, SZŠ and VOŠ Merhautova (from September 2013 to 6. 6. 2016)
Dietetics from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine (16.-19.1.2014)
Internship- Military hospital Brno p.o., 2015
Internship - St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno, 2015
Internship - State medical spas in Bludov, s.p., 2015
Internship - University hospital in Brno, 2015
Internship - Hospital Šumperk, a.s., 2015
Internship -Thomayer Hospital, 2015
Internship - IKEM Prague, 2015
National conference for specialists “Food in hysteria“ IKEM, Prague, 14.10.2015
Seminar “Safe nutrition – topic Cereals in nutrition”, VŠCHT 17. 10. 2015
Conference - Through Dialogue to Health, STOB, FZV,18.10.2015
Distance course Nutrition in cancer prevention (MAHRA, spol. s.r.o., 2017/2018)
Distance course Microorganisms and nutrition (MAHRA, spol. s.r.o., 2017/2018)
Natural breastfeeding “Supporting breastfeeding using a natural position on the mother’s body“, Michaela Topinková, Brno, 17.-19. 5. 2019
Lactation consulting - Lactation league course 4.-6.6.2019


Education and courses - other

Tomas Bata University in Zlín – Social pedagogy (2007-2012)
Mycotherapy (1. School of traditional Chinese medicine - TČM – SINBIOS, 2008)
Tongue Dignosis (1. School of traditional Chinese medicine - TČM – SINBIOS, 2008)
Symbolism of diseases (European Feng Shui Organization, 2009)
Shamballa, 1st and 2nd level initiation (Centrum Péče o Duši, Kroměříž, 2011)
Shamballa, 3rd and 4th level initiation (Centrum Péče o Duši, Kroměříž, 2011)
Work with a pendulum I. (Centrum Péče o Duši, Kroměříž, 2011)
Exam in the theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine (1. Škola tradiční čínské medicíny TČM – SINBIOS – 17.11. 2011
Exam in the theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine (1. Škola tradiční čínské medicíny TČM – SINBIOS – 17.11. 2011)
Course in Western medicine - lecturer MUDr. Jana Pražáková (1. Škola tradiční čínské medicíny TČM – SINBIOS – 16.-.18. 9. 2011, 20 – 22.1. 2012)
Marcel Černoch’s seminar “Eleven commandments or else the diagnostics of relationships” (28. – 30.9. 2012)
Exam in the localization of acupuncture points in traditional Chinese medicine ( (1. Škola tradiční čínské medicíny TČM – SINBIOS – 13.12. 2012)
Certified NLP course (8.6.203)
Fitness trainer - PaedDr. Petr Tlapák, CSc. - TONUS ( 28.9.2018 - 15.12.2018)
Professional Mars Venus life and relationship coaching certification (John Gray, Rich Bernstein 2019)